Membership Rights and Expectations

Here you can read what is required to join the SL Coast Guard.

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1. Since being founded in 2005 the SL Coast Guard has established itself as a premiere group within the virtual world of Second Life® and the safe boating community. In addition our group’s values and mission goals lead to support of the Open Seas Project within Second Life®. The SL Coast Guard has worked hard for a reputation that is hard to match by other like minded groups.

2. With the strong growth rates which this group enjoys it has become necessary for us to makes changes to the way we operate. The need for Regulations, Policies, Rules and statements have become increasingly needed because of this growth.

3. One of these group polices was seen as extraordinary in a virtual world. A place where sex, violence, abuse and lack of privacy are common place. The SL Coast Guard was one of the very first and remains one of the few groups with active policies against sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse. These group policies are not required, supported nor endorsed by Linden Labs®.

4. These policies were written with the view that behind every keyboard or microphone there is a real live human being. Wither you are a male pretending to be a female, female pretending to be a male, fully healthy or handicapped with physical or mental issues, you are still a human being who deserves to be treated as such.

5. It is well known that such issues as abuse, harassment or misconduct will not be tolerated within our group. Even though you may not go to jail or pay a fine, if found guilty it is possible you will lose your membership in this group. These polices apply equally to both the accused as well as the accuser.

6. Because of the rules put in place by Linden Labs, it is difficult to prove sometimes allegations of violations of our groups polices. For this reason the following guidelines are in place for this group’s members and applicants.

a. All applicants are required to acknowledge having read our groups polices on abuse, harassment and misconduct.
b. All members are reminded on occasion of this groups polices and are notified by various means of any changes to this groups polices.
c. As the group’s founder, I maintain sole responsibility for investigation of and findings of any allegations.
d. Every accused member has the right to be heard and to face his/her accuser in a closed hearing in my presence and such other senior officers I deem necessary.
e. All submitted supporting documentation must have the written approval of all involved parties and must not be edited in any form or fashion.
f. Unwillingness to submit unedited supporting documentation may force me to make decisions based on incomplete information. As an accuser or the accused you must be willing to accept this possibility and know that edited documentation will not be accepted.
g. Any investigating officer which is appointed by me is required to remain unbiased, neutral and maintain privcy at all times.
h. The expectation of privacy remains in effect and anyone violating this is subject to automatic removal from this group.
i. Any person found guilty of group policies and removed from the group because of these policy violations will have no recourse and will not be allowed re entry into the group.
j. Any questions or confusion in regards to these guidlines should be directed to me via your Chain of Command.

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