SLCG Human Relations Policy

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SLCG Human Relations Policy
13 Sep 2020, 18:05


The SL Coast Guard, along with the rest of Second Life®, faces many new challenges as we continue to provide leadership in an environment where technology, ideology and demographic composition of society are changing at an unprecedented rate.

Our greatest resources for meeting the challenges of change are the members who respond in their operational and support roles, to carry out our various missions. The SL Coast Guard is committed to seeing that all SL Coast Guard members are provided the opportunity to play and develop so as to achieve enjoyment. The SL Coast Guard, with its limited resources and multiple missions, must fully utilize all of its resources.

Therefore, we must take positive steps to avoid any vestige of discrimination based on race, color. religion, gender, age, national origin, or mental or physical handicap in any thoughts of actions affecting our members, those seeking membership with us, or those entitled to benefits under any SL Coast Guard sponsored programs. In addition, we must become pro-active in working with residents around Second Life®, to ensure the smooth assimilation of all SL Coast Guard members. To do less would weaken our group and our ability to respond to our mission.

This policy is important to maintain a SL Coast Guard where each of us is morally committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for every individual, and where we all assume a personal responsibility for assuring that this concept works throughout the Service. This means that each of us must not only practice nondiscriminatory behavior, but we must also educate others regarding the benefits of a nondiscriminatory environment on the SL Coast Guard’s ability to function.

Let us lead by example in ensuring equal opportunity and fair treatment for all, as we continue our missions to the residents of Second life®.


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