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Here you can find our group's public policies concerning various issues.

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The SL Coast Guard is a very serious group that has brought real life purpose, missions and goals into Second Life®. We uphold our values, traditions and mannerisms to the same as those of various professional organizations located in the real world. We pride ourselves in our conduct and professionalism and expect any current or prospective member to live up to our standards of conduct as well.


Basic requirements to apply:

1. Have been a Second Life® Resident for a period of no less than 180 days (6 months). (Based on Profile)

2. Have a clean record with Linden Labs® and Second Life®.

3. Complete an application and submit same for consideration.

4. No other membership with any "Coast Guard" or "SAR" type groups that has not been approved by the SLCG Commandant.

5. Read and agree to all group policy's.


Basic requirements to remain a member:

1. Remain familiar with and follow all policies and directives as they may apply.

2. Complete at least 1 patrol (Aviation,Boat or Deck Watch) in RP Status per week and complete/post the required patrol report in the forums.

3. Maintain a professional demeanor any time you wear our uniform, group tag or utilizing SLCG equipment or property.

4. Log into the forums at least once per week.


What can get you ejected from the group:

1. Bringing discredit to the group by your actions (This includes AR’s, Suspensions, banning from LL as well from residents, wrongful conduct with other groups, etc).

2. Violation of the groups EEOC and/or harassment polices.

3. False claims of real life Military service/awards. We have connections in various country's that allow us to verify military service. Please note that this is a sore point with us and we will check.

4. Membership in any other "Coast Guard" type of group that has not been approved by the SLCG Commandant.

5. Unauthorized use of SLCG equipment, uniforms, Logo’s, textures or property.



Members who resign from the group should understand that once you have resigned you forfeit your previous billet and rank. Returning members may be rejoined at a rank/billet other than what was previously held. Authority to approve return to active membership is granted with the SLCG Commandant or Vice Commandant only.


Members in good standing may request retirement from active service at any time after having completed 2 calendar years or more of active membership. Members meeting this requirement may be transferred to retired status on the forums only which will have restricted access. The request to remain on the forums must be made in writing to the SLCG Chief of Staff. Retired members are not authorized to wear the SLCG uniform in part or whole and may not make use of any SLCG equipment. Retired member may not represent the SLCG in any matter unless specific written approval is received from the SLCG Commandant or Vice Commandant in advance.


Any member that is discharged, ejected or removed from the SL Coast Guard will not be eligible to rejoin said group for any reason unless approved by the SLCG Commandant or Vice Commandant.


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