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Here you can find our group's public policies concerning various issues.

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Thank you for your interest in the SL Coast Guard. Established in 2005, the SLCG is the oldest, continuously operating, service group in Second Life. We currently have over 100 active members from all over the world, who serve the Second Life® community every day. We would be very happy to have you join our ranks and help us keep our traditions that have made Second Life great for over 14 years.

In the SL Coast Guard, you will never be asked for money. All uniforms, boats, and aircraft, will be provided for you free of charge. There are some items you may purchase if you wish, but those items are purchased from approved third party vendors, and are not required by the SLCG, nor does the SLCG receive any money from the sale of items from third-party vendors.

The SL Coast Guard’s primary mission is to promote boating safety both in Second Life®, and in real life. We do this in several waves. We use and promote the wearing of personal flotation devices whenever anyone is on the water. We have given away thousands of PFD’s over the course of our group’s existence, which remind people that the safe boating habits they practice in Second Life®, they will practice in real life. We also promote boating safety by making sure each SLCG crew member has the knowledge they need to speak confidently with other boaters. Everyone in the SLCG is required to take and pass a boater safety course before their training starts. This ensures that everyone in the SL Coast Guard has not only the equipment, but the training, and knowledge, to do their jobs properly.

Another one of our main goals is to help clear hazards to navigation in Second Life® waters. You may have sometime seen us out in our patrol boats and wondered; “What are they doing out there?”. We are looking for lost boats, aircraft, and other random objects that may be a hazard to other boaters. When we find these items, we simply send the owner of that object a nicely worded note card telling them where their misplaced object is, and we ask them to please come pick it up. In this way, we help the Second Life® boating community by keeping our waterways free of hazards. We also look for encroachments on to protected waterways. When we find one, once again, we send the land owner a pleasantly worded note card informing them that they are encroaching on protected waters, and ask them nicely to remove the encroachment.

We also help the Second Life® boating and aviation communities by providing search and rescue services. If a boat or an aircraft is in trouble, they know the first people to call is the SL Coast Guard. We will be there with our highly trained search and rescue team and see that the passengers on that craft make it home safely.

In the SLCG you will also receive training in;
Boater Safety and Boating Operations
Search and Rescue
First Responder and Medical Training
Scuba Diving
Sailing and Sailboat Racing
Officer and Leadership Training

The SLCG is also a great way to start new relationships and make new friends. There are parties, get-togethers, and joining in the day-to-day work with your crew mates at your assigned station. Please look through the information packet you have just received, fill out the enclosed application, and join us in the greatest service group in Second Life®.

We hope to see you on the water soon as a member of the SL Coast Guard.


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