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Group Intellectual Property
25 Jul 2014, 10:29

It is the basic policy of this group’s founder that no member shall be required to purchase any item of clothing or equipment in order to enjoy the benefits of membership within this group. Nor shall any member be required to pay any fee (In any form) in order to participate in any SL Coast Guard group activity which is based in a virtual world.

In order to ensure the above policy is possible it is required to that all prospective, current, past members and content creators that desire to provide content to the SLCG Coast Guard and its members must do so under the following conditions.

For the purposes of clarification the term “Content” shall refer to any item of but not limited to clothing, scripts, animations, textures, photos, and or prim based creations. The group “SL Coast Guard” and its founder will accept no liability in regards to copyright laws as it pertains to items provided for use within the group. It is the contents creator/providers responsibly to ensure all local, corporate, national and international copyright and/or Intellectual laws are complied with.

Should any item provided for use within the group become subject to Intellectual Property, Content or copyright claims in accordance with agreements and or policies put into place by Linden Labs®, the member is responsible deleting such item and no longer using it. Should the group’s founder become aware of a claim against such item(s), a group notice will be posted in world and on the groups forums as to the claim and all use of the described item(s) shall cease at that point. There fore it is each members responsibility to read and understand any/all groups notices or forum post.

1. If you as a prospective member elect to accept or if a current member, maintain membership within the SL Coast Guard also known as the SLCG must agree that any content used for the group known in Second Life® as “SL Coast Guard” and or has the SLCG logo will become the sole unrestricted property of the group and its founder.

2. All proposed content for use in the group must be approved by the group’s founder or current Commandant in writing BEFORE said content is made available to the group’s members.

3. All approved content must be provided free of charge to the group’s members.

4. A master copy with full permissions or "Copy and Transfer permissions"of all approved content must be provided to the group’s founder or current Commandant with the understanding that if approved it will be provided to the group’s membership with no cost to the members.

5. Should any person not agree to the above policy they must refrain from providing content to the group and request any content already provided be withdrawn from official use with the group. All such withdrawal request must be made in writing via “Email” to the group’s Commandant at IM’s (Instant Messages) and or NC (Note Cards) will not be accepted for the purpose of a content withdrawal request.

6. At the sole discretion of the Commandant, may approve OPTIONAL vehicles and gear created by third party vendors to be branded with the SLCG logo for use by group members. Once they have received official approval from the Commandant, they may be offered for sale to the group members.
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