Policy: Patrol use of the T140 Interceptor; v. 1.0, 18/Sept/

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Policy: Patrol use of the T140 Interceptor; v. 1.0, 18/Sept/2017

From this day forward the T140 Interceptor, commonly known as “The Dive Boat”, may be used as a patrol vehicle under the following rules.

1.) The T140 Interceptor may only be obtained by it’s traditional means. All Crew must go through, and complete, the SLCG Diver Training Center coursework in able to receive the T140 Interceptor.
2.) All current SLCG Patrol polices will be followed. (See the forum if you are unfamiliar with these polices).
3.) We all know she is a fast boat, however, for a patrol to be done properly, a throttle speed of 20 or below should be used while on patrol.

Thanks to LCDR Mike Rejan for researching the patrol history of the T140 Interceptor.

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