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SLCG Authorized Vehicles
02 Oct 2014, 16:00

SLCG Authorized Vehicles List

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The following is a current list of vehicles that are either authorized, pending authorization, or denied for use by the SLCG. Please try to stick to the list. I know it may seem a bit much, but we'd like to monitor vehicles like we do with our boats, planes, helicopters, etc.

All vehicles being used for the SLCG must have SLCG markings on them, and may only have the colors of Blue and/or white in their lightbars, unless specified under Special Circumstances.

If you have any vehicle that you would like to possibly see in use, and is not on the list already, please contact me, RADM Vladimir Wroth, with either an IM/Notecard in-world, or a message on the forums. State the vehicle name and creator. The worst we will ever say is no, and even then, we hardly ever say that :D

Vehicles may be listed in authorized and denied. This is because most versions are authorized, but 1-2 versions didn't quite fit the bill, or was not practical for use. Reasons would be stated on why they are denied. (note most ground vehicles are displays for stations with LL road access).
Authorized Ground Vehicles:

- ACCC Mountie (Jeep) (Both Owner and Multi-User versions)
- Astaro Admiral (Versions: Pickup Priority, Wagon Priority)
- Astaro Imperial (Versions: Civilian, Legacy, Priority, Quadrant, Vertex)
- Astaro Savanna (All Versions)
- LMD Enforcer (Most Versions, see below for denied versions)
- Lusch Forest (All Versions)
- Michigan Montauk (All Versions)
- SZYM Entourage (Versions: Civilian, Civilian 1, Civilian 2, Priority, Quadrant, Euro, Legacy, Vertex)
- SZYM Intruder (Versions: Civilian, Legacy, Priority, Quadrant, Vertex)
- SZYM Paladin (Versions: 2 Door Civilian, 2 Door Quadrant, 2 Door Priority, Crew Cab Civilian, Crew Cab Priority,
Crew Cab Quadrant, Service Crew Cab, Utility. No exhaust stacks)
- SZYM Tahari (Versions: Civilian, Priority, Quadrant, Vertex, Legacy)
- pro street (Versions: Commander, Instigator, Enforcer. with approved markings and all blue lights)

Authorized Water Vehicles:
Spijkers & Wingtips- Atlantic 75 RIB, MLB, Defender, RB-M 45 & FRC

Berdav marine- Titan
Berdav Marine- Husky
Authorized Aircraft Vehicles:
Spijkers & Wingtips- eurocopter HH-65c, MH-60T US Coast Guard Jayhawk (Tighawk),DHC-2T Turbo Beaver,DHC-2 Beaver

Realflight- CH-46 Sea Knight

Spartan Industries- SH-3 Sea King, with approved SLCG markings

AMOK- HU-16 Albatross, CV-22B Osprey, HH-60J Jayhawk

HC-144 Ocen Sentry

Terra- Aerius Blimp 1.1.1 (command platform only - Race security details)
Denied Authorization (not permitted for use):

- Astaro Admiral (Version: Caliber) Reason: Includes a mounted machine gun. Not practical to the SLCG.
- Astaro Imperial (Versions: Agent, Taxi)
- LMD Enforcer (Version: Agent)
- SZYM Entourage (Version: Agent)
- SZYM Intruder (Versions: Agent, Taxi)
- SZYM Paladin (Version: Agent)
- SZYM Tahari (Version: Agent)
*Agent and taxi systems have no practical use for the SLCG.*

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