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Here you can find our group's public policies concerning various issues.

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SLCG Uniform & Equipment Wear Policy

The SLCG is a widely known group within the Second Life community. We have an outstanding reputation and we should always strive to keep that reputation intact.

The wear of partial or incomplete uniforms is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Anyone that is not an active duty SLCG member (SLCG Supporters & Non SLCG Group Members) is not authorized to wear any item issued by the SLCG.

Only the SLCG Commandant or Deputy Commandant can waive any uniform policy except for those that have been specifically noted in this policy.

As new uniform items are added to our selection, the policy will be amended to reflect current use as needed. ONLY those uniforms issued by SLCG Command are authorized for use.

New/Requested uniform items must be approved/issued by the SLCG Commandant or Deputy Commandant and must be available to all SLCG members free of charge. A full mod issue of the new item must be provided to the SLCG Commandant and Deputy Commandant with authority is issue to any SLCG member that item with No Mod, Copy, No Sell/Give permission and at no cost to the SLCG member. Recruit uniforms may be issued by the Training Comander if authorized by the SLCG Commandant or Deputy Commandant.

For any uniform/equipment item not covered by this policy, consult Higher authority via the of command.

Policy Correction request (Typos/Obmissions) are to be submitted in writing via chain of command.

The SLCG tag must be worn anytime you are in a SLCG uniform.

No member will be required to purchase a uniform.

Please take pride in the uniform you wear and the group for which you represent.

Station Commanders Authorization:
Station Commanders may authorize the wear of the ODU or dress uniform as the “Station Uniform of the Day”. No mix & match of uniform items will be authorized. All members assigned to a station must wear the same uniform as the situation requires. Please note that these station authorizations must be published in writing so that other Station Commanders and higher authority are aware of station policies. Higher authority will override unform wear authorizations as required and dictated by events.

All request for policy changes are to be addressed to the SLCG Commandant and Deputy Commandand via change of command (Member -> Station Commander -> District Commander -> Area Comander -> Commadant/Deputy). At each level the commander will endorse the request with "Recommended for Approval or Not Recommended for Approval".

Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter changes are based on the location (Real World) of the SLCG Commandant. Seasonal uniform changes will occur upon group notice from the Commandant or his Deputy on the dates given. Area/District/Station Commanders are responsible for insuring that all members are aware of SLCG policy's.

Fall/Winter Season Uniform of the Day:
Service Dress Blue or ODU (With Sleeves rolled down)

Spring/Summer Season Uniform of the Day:
Service Dress Whites or ODU (With Sleeves rolled up)

Dinner Dress Blue ("Dress Mess Blue"), Dinner Dress White ("Dress Mess White") = SLCG does not have. (Not Authorized)
Service Dress Whites - Dinner Dress Whites = Spring/Summer Use only
Dinner Dress Blue = SLCG Does not have (Not Authorized)
Service Dress Blue = Fall/Winter Use Only
Winter Dress Blue = SLCG Does not have (Not Authorized)

Summer Undress Blue - Alpha
Tropical Blue Long


ODU Uniform: Daily Duty Uniform for Station or Boat

Flight Suit: For use ONLY while on actual flight missions, Going to aircraft from Flight Operations Building, Coming from Flight Operations building to aircraft.

Flotation Jacket: Winter use with ODU uniform only. (May be used instead of Life Jacket ONLY during fall/winter season)

Life Jacket: Mandatory use while on dock or on any SLCG patrol boat. Mandatory use while on any flight going over water.

Service Covers: To be worn anytime outside and while wearing the Dress/Undress uniform. (Remove if indoors)

Ball Caps: To be worn anytime outside and while wearing the ODU uniform. (Remove if indoors)

Floppy Hat: May be worn ONLY with ODU uniform while on water patrol.

Dress Shoes: Black only, highly shined. Worn only with Dress/Undress uniforms

Boots: Black only, highly shined. Will be worn only with ODU uniform or Flight Suit.
(Boots may be "Bloused" or "Unbloused")

BLACK: Blue DressUniform, ODU Uniform, Flight Suit
WHITE: White Dress Uniform

Flight Helmets: For use ONLY with the flight suit and while boarding, flying or departing from an aircraft.

Diver Polo & Track Pants: To be worn while only dive boat, going to or from dive boat.

SLCG T-Shirt : May be worn with ODU trousers during summer periods only vice wearing the ODU blouse. (Station Commander Authorization)

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