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SL Coast Guard Code of Conduct

Article I

I am a professional SL Coast Guard member.
I am sworn to follow the rules, regulations and guidelines of the SL Coast Guard and Linden Labs.
In carrying out my duties I will obey all applicable provisions and guidelines of the SL Coast Guard.
I will obey the orders of my superiors.

Article II

I will enforce the guidelines of the SL Coast Guard professionally without prejudice or partially.
I recognize that persons I encounter in my presence as a SL Coast Guard member are entitled to be treated with respect and courtesy.

Article III

As a member of the SL Coast Guard, I acknowledge that I have no legal authority and that I am not law enforcement. As such I must strive to communicate in a proffesional manner as to make people want to correct any issues needed.

Article IV

I will never sacrifice my integrity or the reputation of the SL Coast Guard.
In preparing reports and in giving oral or written statements, I will provide only truthful testimonies.

Article V

I will scrupulously safeguard all evidence for which I am responsible.

Article VI

I will politely decline any gratuity I may be offered during my duties and will encourage the other members of my team to follow my example. I will immediately report any attempt to bribe any SL Coast Guard member or witness, and will take actions against the individuals where appropriate by filing the proper report to Linden Labs.

Article VII

I will respect the property of others and will attempt to avoid or minimize any damage to that property.

Article VII

As a SL Coast Guard member I will constantly strive to improve my professionalism through study and training.
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