Here you can find our group's public policies concerning various issues.

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While I am very proud of our team and the enthusiasm that each of you show. but we must guard ourselves against accidently misuse of public image, group name, logo and signage. No SLCG member or non member is authorized to use the SLCG or SL Coast Guard name, logo, emblem on any item of equipment without the express approval of the SLCG Commandantt or the SLCG Deputy Commandant.

Ladies & Gentlemen...we have as a group, a excellent reputation and many SL residents look to us to set the example. Others copy us or desire to merge with us. Yet others have requested affiliation with us. But when they find out just how high our standards are...they decide otherwise.

We do NOT mix equipment and uniforms from different groups and/or builders. We do NOT use equipment that says "Coast Guard". All of our authorized equipment says SL Coast Guard. We do not wear "Coast Guard" clothing items while on a SL Coast Guard Event. We do NOT use SLCG equipment while in some other Non SLCG event unless on official duty.

I can't prevent you from buying others builds that say Coast Guard. But don’t use them while on duty with our group. Violations of this policy may result in a member’s removal from the group.

My thanks go out to each of you for the time and effort put in for our group and the SL resident that we help. Please, let’s work together to protect our good name and image.
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