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From: Commandant
To: SLCG Membership
Subj: COMDTINSTR201305.30 Patrol/Deck Watch Requirements and Waivers

As previously announced and now being made policy. The only members of the SL Coastguard that are not required to perform patrols or deck watch are those that have received either a permanent or temporary written waiver from the Commandant.

Flag officers (Admirals) have a permanent waiver. Even though strongly encouraged to continue making patrols as time permits, it is understood that time to conduct regular patrols may be limited if they are doing his/her job properly.

SLCG Members on approved/authorized leave are granted a temporary waiver for the duration of said leave time.

The Commandant may grant waivers from time to time for the good of the service and as he/she feels may be justified.

Temporary waivers are for a maximum period of 90 calendar days.

The authority to grant temporary waivers is also invested in the Vice Commandant.

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