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Skipping the chain of Command;

99.9% of the time no member should skip the chain of command to get answers, ask for request etc. The only exception to this is if for SLCG member has a complaint against another member which "Happens" to be his/her station Commander. In this instance, the member is allowed to directly contact the District Captain only...Not the Area Commander or Deputy SLCG Commandant.

My Personal Rule: I consider IM's to be of a personal/Unofficial/Non Role Play nature. In this case any member may contact me directly. ie.....invite to a rez day surprise party. Also, if you see me in uniform, I'm on duty and in a RP mode. If I'm in civies...I'm chill'n and off duty. Another hint would be if you see my SLCG Command tag (In RP) or Thorn Blackflag (Just plain ol Thorn)

I hope this explanation helps. For those of you that were confused, you have my apologies. After so many years in the military, if sometimes slips my mind that others may not understand the terms that I use in my attempt to make the SLCG as realistic as possible.
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