ACOS, G-1 Officer Job Discription

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The ACOS, G-1 is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning human resources support. Specific responsibilities of the G-1 include manning, personnel services, personnel support, and headquarters management.

Manning. Manning includes personnel readiness management, personnel replacement management, and personnel accounting.

Personnel readiness management includes-

 Analyzing personnel strength data to determine current capabilities and project future requirements.
 Station strength maintenance, including monitoring, collecting, and analyzing data affecting member readiness (such as, morale, organizational climate, commitment, and cohesion).
 Monitoring station strength status and developing plans to maintain it.
 Monitoring the deployability of members in case of exceptional need..
 Supporting unit linguist requirements through identifying all foreign-language-skilled members in the organization, regardless of billet. This includes administrative support of linguists.

Personnel replacement management includes-
 Advising the commandant and staff about individual, team, or station replacements, and replacement-system operations.
 Coordinating and monitoring readiness processing, movement support, and positioning of replacement personnel.
 Receiving, accounting, processing, and delivering personnel after completion of initial recruit training.
 Preparing estimates for personnel replacement requirements
 Preparing plans and policies to govern the assignment of replacement personnel.
 Requesting and allocating individual, team, or station replacements (according to G-3 priorities).
 Integrating the personnel replacement plan with the equipment replacement plan (from the G-4 and the training plan (from the G-3).

Personnel accounting includes-
 Maintaining a personnel information database.
 Accounting for military personnel individually.
Collecting, processing, and storing critical information about members and stations.

Personnel Services. Personnel services include essential personnel services.

Essential personnel services include-
 Awards program management.
 Records management and command information.
 Retention.
 Planning and coordinating policies for members deemed unfit for membership (for example, for medical reasons).
 Internal information programs.

Personnel Support. Personnel support includes-
 Morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR), and community support
 Band/Honor Guard operations.
 Quality-of-life programs, including assessing morale and recommending programs to enhance it.
 Community and family support activities and programs.

Headquarters Management. Headquarters management includes-
 Managing the organization and administration of the headquarters.
 Recommending manpower allocation.
 Coordinating and supervising movement, internal arrangement, and space allocation.
 Administrative support for members, including leaves, passes, counseling, transfers, awards, and personal affairs.
 Providing information services, including publications, printing, distribution.
 Administration of discipline including absence without leave (AWOL), desertion, court-martial offenses, punishments, and straggler disposition.

Coordinating Staff Responsibility. The G-1 has coordinating staff responsibility for the following special and personal staff officers:
 Special staff officers.
 Equal opportunity adviser (EOA).
 Surgeon.
 Veterinary officer.
 Personal staff officers when functioning as special staff officers.
 Inspector general (IG).
 Public affairs officer (PAO).
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