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SLCG Inventory
30 Aug 2014, 10:37


From time to time, members come up with ideas of things that they feel will be a good addition to the SLCG inventory. This might be vehicles, clothing, specific builds or land. You must however understand, that no one is allowed to enter into a contract with any creator on behalf of the Second Life Coast Guard without the express written consent of the Commandant (Thorn Blackflag) or the Vice Commandant (Tig Spijkers). Any such activity by any member of the group will result in their immediate expulsion from the group.

We have many talented members in the Group. You are all encouraged to use your talents to develop prototypes of new items for the group. Those should be submitted via your chain of command for evaluation.

Thorn Blackflag

30 August 2014
Thorn Blackflag
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